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Dark Knight Rises Catwoman

from Esquire

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Catwoman. Criminal,Thief,Superhero, what would you call her, yes shes out for her own personal gain but she still does so in the style of robin hood, she robs from the rich. Which obviously Batman doesn't always agree with as he is a billionaire. So she is like the personality of my character in many ways


The Dark Knight Rises | Rises takes place eight years after The Dark Knight left off and finds Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) living as a recluse in a Gotham City…


Anne Hathaway pkays Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, a burglar turned Batmans Accomplice. And she kills Bane!


ARISE by silentOp - my fave and #3 in the Design By Humans Dark Knight Rises T-shirt competition. As chosen by Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas.