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Dark Harry Fanfiction

WHAT THE ACTUAL ASDFGJKLLKGD is harry styles even a real person?? He's too nice and attractive for this world.

I love it, but defense against the dark arts teachers only stay 1 year of course you could learn a lot in a year from these guys.

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OMG! Harrys dark side is mean but the little angle inside if him takes over <3 LoVe HiM

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Emma Watson has a make-under for biblical movie Noah

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Fanfics make harry seem like the dark one but his personality is completely different

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Calm down Harry, your dark is showing <<<< that comment xD <LOLING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Soft rays of light radiated into his study as he entered. He wanted to draw the curtains more but he knows that it will glare his eyes but the brightness that he saw the night before did not. He pushed the thought aside as sat at his desk, ready for whatever the day sets him to.

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I'm laughing only Afternators will get this haha the update tonight was so good! :)

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