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Daphne Joy Wikipedia

(Open RP) I stare at the tree that was my other half. I was the darkness and it was the light. I wondered where it's protector was. I soon got my answer. An arrow from your bow shoots past me. "Hello there." I say sarcastically then duck. The darkness shrouds me when I call it. "You can't hide forever." You call. I smirk "I don't plan too." The dark vines among the walls climb to find your hiding place. Suddenly I hear a thump and know you've jumped from the rafters. "Just come out when can…


goddess Flidais celtic goddess of animals, woodlands and fertility, somewhat akin to the Greek Artemis and Roman Diana. "As goddess of wild beasts [...] she rode in a chariot drawn by deer" while "as goddess of the domestic herds" she had a magical cow of plenty.[1]She is mentioned in the Lebor Gabála Érenn and is said to be the mother of Fand, Bé Chuille and Bé Téite. In the Middle Irish glossary Cóir Anmann ("Fitness of Names") she is said to be the wife of the legendary High King Adam