Prev post1 of 3Next Dandruff, also known as Seborrheic dermatitis is a common scalp disorder. It can occur due to dry skin, irritated oily skin, growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp, inflammatory skin conditions and other such factors. It causes itchiness along with excessive formation of dry skin flakes on the scalp. Dandruff

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Simple tea tree oil dandruff treatment / reader comment; I used a deep conditioner packet and added oregano oil to it and left it on for a hour and rinsed, it worked well

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We share some extremely beneficial home remedies right from your kitchen to rescue you from the dull, lifeless, thinning and various other hair problems and help you have thicker, stronger and manageable hair. Dandruff Remedy Mix apple cider vinegar with equal quantities of water and dab onto the roots with cotton ball before washing of

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