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24 hours in pictures

Someone pull me into doing something I like, but am not confident enough to do on my own. Like being crazy and dancing in the rain

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dancing in the rain is about the most amazing feeling of freedom from all constraints we put on ourselves. and it's fun!

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Awesome picture idea. Then in 20 years after we are out of Washington we can look back and remember all of the rainy days that we survived.

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Dancing In The Rain. More

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The trick is to learn to dance in the rain by danette5, via Flickr

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Brides ... please do not worry about the rain. First, you have no control over the weather. Second, some of the finest photographs originate in the rain, when it's just you and nature. This particular photo was taken at 5.00am on a Manhattan parking lot a

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Black and Purple Quilted Shoulderbag | Poupee Couture

When one of life' pleasures was splashing in the puddles after rain

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A Dance in the Rain

A Dance in the Rain | As The Ink Flows

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Come on get wet with me sweet baby, on this cloudy day while raining, as we'll laugh and we will kiss within the rain,.....But it won't be then all that long, before in mud on the front lawn,....As we make love, within deep passion not contained -Jeff Smith

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Dancing in the rain More

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