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Trump Said “Illegal” Voters Cost Him The Popular Vote. Dan Rather’s Response Is Perfect

If you guys didn’t sweat enough with our first “Would You Rather” quiz, you will now. Thanks to popular demand, we’re creating the Dan and Phil edition for you. But before you @ us and tell us we’re evil for making you choose, just remember that you guys asked for this. Enjoy!


Trump Said He Wants To Imprison Flag Burners. Dan Rather’s Response Is Perfect

Gloucestershire — Dan Pearson. check out the stone walls, wood planters and the brick walk. And there aren't even flowers, rather veggies and it's amazing.


Here's Why Dan Rather's Takedown of Donald Trump is Actually a Pretty Big Deal | What Dan Rather said went well beyond your typical criticisms of a presidential candidate. He essentially said that Donald Trump... [.READ.ALL.]

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