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Dan Howell Age

Don't mind me I'm just going to go rock back and forth in the corner and craft

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i have been looking for this picture for ages omg tysm x x x

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daniffer is so my otp oh my gosh this video was so cringey it's amazing

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I miss baby face, he was so adorable, not that he's not now....<<<HE'S STARTING TO ADULT!!!1! SOMEONE STOP HIM, HE'S GROWING UP!11111!!!!111

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// night embers and neon signs paint the black sky //

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The bike looks so small

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HE GOT HIS EYEBROWSS DONE IM<<<haha yeah<<<IKR! but he looks like he's aging backwards...

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how much do you want to bet that Phil did that

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I'm pretty sure Dan got ahold of Phil's phone.< LOVE Dan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "Phil kissed a boy and he liked it." I'll just leave this here...

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