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um duplo bem sentido – solidão, morte, selfies e uma marmota

"Se acrescentarmos gente que viaja no tempo e conversa ou se encontra consigo mesmo em outra época, teremos de Marty McFly a Jorge Luís Borges, que foi bater um papo com seu eu velho num de seus contos."

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ARCHIST: Illustrations of Famous Art Reimagined as Architecture

Malévich/Mondrian/Serra/Halley Richter/Lichtenstein/Rothko/Warhol Lewitt/Haring/Judol/Hirst Picasso/Miró/Smith/Turrel Tàpies/Stella/Duchamp/Truitt Albers/Kapoor/Dalí/Fontana Neto/Christo/Kelly

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Iconic sci-fi art from Alex Chin Yu Chu

Alex Chin Yu Chu is a concept artist who's worked on titles like Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition and Tomb Raider: Underworld. More recently he's been working on Halo: Reach and Destiny with Bungie.

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'The Wife of Yves Tanguy' One of my personal favorite artists. Check out his contribution @ MIA

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Plaza de Dalí -Madrid

#landarch #urbandesign Plaza de Dali is designed by architect Francisco Mangado. Center of Madrid city.

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