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Dabbs Greer

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The 300 Best Character Movie Actors - Always in the Cast but never the Star - a list by Greeleyguy55

Dabbs Greer (1917 – 2007) was a character actor in many western film and television for some fifty years. His distinctive, southern-accented voice fitted well in shows featuring rustic characters, such as westerns. However, he is probably best remembered as Reverend Alden in Little House on the Prairie.


Pawnee (1957)Stars: George Montgomery, Bill Williams, Lola Albright, Francis McDonald, Dabbs Greer, Kathleen Freeman ~ Director: George Waggner

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'Little House on the Prairie' cast then and now - Photos - 'Little House on the Prairie': Where Are They Now?

Dabbs Greer (Reverand Robert Alden) Best remembered as Reverend Alden on 'Little House,' Robert William 'Dabbs' Greer was a ubiquitous supporting cast member on the small screen though he was later typecast as a minister, performing marriages on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' and 'The Brady Bunch,' and healing the cast of 'Picket Fences.' Most recently, in 1999, he appeared in 'Green Mile' as the older version of Tom Hanks. He died in 2007, having suffered from a kidney and heart ailment.


Robert William "Dabbs" Greer (April 2, 1917 – April 28, 2007) Dabbs Greer was a very familiar face in films and especially on TV. He was a sort of "everyman" in his roles and played merchants, preachers, businessmen, and other "pillars of the community" types as well as assorted villains. With his plain looking face, wavy hair and mellow, distinctive voice he was a solid supporting actor.

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Dabbs Greer

American character actor who appeared in over 300 films and television shows. Best known as Reverend Alden in "Little House on the Prairie".

William “Dabbs” Greer, best known as Reverend Alden on "Little House on the Prairie", graduated from Drury College in 1939 with a bachelor's degree in English.