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Cylinder Volume Calculator

Dan Meyer's Three-Act Math Tasks - Popcorn Picker; Which container will hold more popcorn?


cylinder volume calculator


Hands On Math: Teaching Volume and Surface Area of Cylinders


Volume Calculators - Unit Conversion, Calculates Volume - Cube, Cone, Cylinder…

from Teachers Pay Teachers

ACTIVITY - Gym Weight Lifting (Math)

This activity is a great activity for applying mathematics inside the realm of weight lifting. Students will be required to calculate volumes of weight plates (cylinders), convert between units and determine their densities to discover their metal makeup.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Surface Area vs Volume: Prisms and Cylinders -- Situation Sort Cards

Students are constantly confusing surface area and volume of rectangular prisms and cylinders. This product includes 18 situations cards, 36 calculation cards, and 1 sort page. Students will read, decide and sort each card into the appropriate category.


Finding the volume of similar cylinders [3D Scale Factor] (Casio Calcula...

from The Science Penguin

Time to Teach: Measurement in Science

Science Measurement Task Cards: selecting the correct unit of measurement • selecting measurement tools • calculating mass on a triple beam balance • measuring length • reading volume in a graduated cylinder • solving addition and subtraction word problems with decimals to the tenths place

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Volume of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres Assessment

This product includes a fifteen question assessment on the volume of cylinders, cones and spheres. The first six questions ask the students to calculate the volume of the solids. The second page of the quiz asks students to determine the missing length of a solid if the volume is provided. An answer key is provided.