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Why You Should Talk to Kids About Cyberbullying [INFOGRAPHIC]


Teach your students about the four different types of bullying

Bullying is a global issue ranging from physical to cyber (online). Throughout recent years others have become more accepting of one another, even though bullying still exists it is not so much frequent as it used to be. For example now there are campaigns raising more awareness of bullying. One film example of bullying that can be seen is in Back to the Future, the bullying can be seen taking place whilst Marty visits the different decades of time.


6 Effective Ways To Prevent Cyber Bullying For Kids & Teens

6 Effective Ways To Prevent Cyber Bullying For Kids & Teens: The effects of cyber bullying are just as serious as that of bullying done in person. Often, a victim of cyber bullying may not present the ‘symptoms’ as those experienced in general bullying, which makes it difficult for parents to understand if their kid is really a victim.Here are some basics you need to know about what is cyber bullying for kids and some symptoms that may help you detect if your child is being bullied.


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Be Safe and Smart on the Internet

CYBER BULLY WARNINGS! Cyber bullies are people on the internet who try to hurt other people emotionally. Cyber bullying can often lead to stress, depressing feelings, and even suicide. Avoiding cyber bullies can be really hard. Follow age restrictions to stay safe.If a cyber bully ever approaches you, don't let their nasty talks get to you. You know that you're a great person. If a cyber bully ever tries to hurt you, tell someone immediately.

This is an article on six different cases of cyberbullying. It explains what happened to the people when they were cyber bullied and what happened afterwards. The real life examples bring more inspiration and insight for how some of them ended up.


Social Media in Education: Resource Toolkit

This collection of blogs, articles, and videos aims to help educators deploy social-media tools to develop professionally, connect with parents and communities, and engage students in 21st-century learning.