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Sometimes you have to cut ties with people who aren't good for you. The love isn't lost, but the communication isn't healthy. We move on. | unluckymonster made this with

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Rant: Fake Friends and a Poem

Everyone has a limit, once its reached thats it I am done! No drama or childish games just walk away and hope one day you regret it and karma serves u up what you deserve :)


Thankful to have been able to cut ties with the JW side of our family. The release of stress on our family has been amazing! :o)


Original Poetry by Jessica Katoff - |


Jabir narrated that : the Messenger of Allah said: “There is none who utters a supplication, except that Allah gives him what he asked, or prevents evil from him that is equal to it – as long as he does not supplicate for something evil, or the cutting of ties of the womb.” Reference : Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3381 In-book reference : Book 48, Hadith 12 English translation : Vol. 6, Book 45, Hadith 3381

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Don’t Feel Guilty for Doing Whats Best (Live Life Happy)

It's time to let go of the past and do what's best for me and my children. Thank you for teaching me that I was stronger without you. I'm a better person for all of my life experiences, good and bad. Now it's time to move on.