15 Important Tips For Having The Healthiest Nails Ever :: This will be much needed in Winter!

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A few simple and easy ways to use Vaseline (petroleum jelly) in your overnight beauty routine: Lash care: Coat your lashes with vaseline to strengthen it and also remove the stubborn mascara or eye…

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Nail and cuticle care, nail care for you, nail health care, taking care of your nails. | http://makeuptutorials.com/makeup-tutorials-properly-care-nails/

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Listen up everyone! This is magic! I've started regularly massaging my nails with an worn out electric toothbrush and vaseline. My cuticles have NEVER been better. Magic, I tell you! :D

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Works with cuticles and with feet, as it's designed to penetrate tough, thick skin. Use in moderation!

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