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Cute memes for her

Shellshocked! Giant tortoise sets the pace for her 45 babies... but who's the daddy?


Matt Makes Stuff... In Theory. | RWBY Recap V4C4: Family.


Here is a fun drink coasters DIY project! My son's girlfriend is just too clever! Together they run a site, The Geek Lyfe, and aside from movie and game reviews, she also does some really cool craft projects. I saw a sneak peek at this coaster project and invited her to share the tutorial here. Super cute! Meme Coasters By Alicia Yuhas for Hello everyone! My name is Alicia and I am a huge geek as well as a frequent crafter. Lately, I’ve been feeling like my apartment ...

phobso: i can’t stop the madness, sorry. And yeah, I believe that everyone is gonna be relatives…As always.and sorry for my english


Reasons to love the 95 Line pt. 1 #Vmin #BTS (Note: Tae calls her "Jiminie" cuz in Korea we add "ie" after the name of our friends, or anyone who has a Korean such as "TaeHyungie Oppa" but sometimes for people older than you its a personal preference)