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✮ ANIME ART ✮ anime girl. . .school uniform. . .seifuku. . .sailor uniform. . .pleated skirt. . .thigh high stockings. . .smile. . .line art. . .drawing. . .kawaii

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I really like using purple, but I'm afraid if I use it too much it will run out faster and even though I can replace it I tend to feel a weird emotional attachment to my favourite pens uwu Like if I get a new one I'm betraying my old one even if it has run out and I would feel bad having to throw it out ;-; #copic #micron #sketch

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Katie's parents died when she was 9 years old. She has lived in the streets for a year and a half now, trying to beg for food and avoid dodgy men. However the weather is beginning to get colder, she doesn't know how much longer she will last. She is only a child. She doesn't deserve this.

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Hairstyle Adopt, text, woman, girl, hairstyles; How to Draw Manga/Anime

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anime, anime girl, bento, cute, girl, kawaii, love, manga, manga girl, shoujo, ben to

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