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You're my absolute without a doubt favorite reason to lose sleep. I love our late night phone calls and FaceTiming every night until we fall asleep. I love having those all nighters that ill remember forever. I love it all.

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45 Dreamy Outdoor Woodland Wedding Ideas

45 Dreamy Outdoor Woodland Wedding Ideas |

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he left that kind of image on my heart and soul and still yearn for more. I admire him so much, that I want to be him, but I can only settle to be next to him to learn, to study, to love, to help, to listen, to hug, to love. xox mel thompson xox things I will never tell him probably but I think them. he's still gone, probably never come back to me, but I wait. :(

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I'd pick a guys old hoodie over a new piece of jewelry. I'd pick cuddling in my bed over a fancy dinner. I'd pick a cute goodnight text over a bouquet of flowers. I'm in it for the relationship, not the materials.

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An Erratic Perspective

Good morning, beautiful :) feels good to finally wake up and smile thinking about you after the last 9 mornings of tears. I love you so much baby. Hope you slept well and I hope you have a good day! I miss you!

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