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SXSW 2012 Preview

Love the cover art for Quiet Company's new album "We are all where we belong". Couldn't find the original illustrator though.

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Making of 'Paper Plane'

Behind the scenes of 'Paper Plane', a paper cut-out animation of a song by Massimo Giangrande. Music: 'Much More' by Giangrande here is the video:

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Stop motion en papier, paper cut out Carte de voeux 2011 @Oledie

What I like about this stop motion is the different ways paper is used to create the animation, such as unrolling and scrunching. This makes the animation more interesting as the different methods of making the paper move help to provide a smooth transition between frames and stop the animation becoming too repetitive. This animation helps to inspire ideas for my own film such as using paper as a main medium and the different ways I can make the paper move to provide an interesting visual


Nokia N9 | Bomboland I love how whimsical this design is. The paper cuts outs make it especially intriguing and the blue/yellow-orange color scheme is especially striking.


The first episode of Captain Pugwash aired on 22 October 1957. The children's animation was written, illustrated and produced by John Ryan. The bumbling Captain was brought to life by Peter Hawkins, who provided all the voices. The simple but beautifully crafted cartoon, with cut-out figures moved by cardboard levers, contributed to the overall charm of the programme, which is still fondly remembered years after it was last shown.


Крайнов - Свитер с оленями (Paper Cut Out Animation)


The Paper Forest

A short animated film directed by Alex Schulz.  I like how the movie starts out with the paper forest rising from the floor. Link via Behance Network.