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28 Household Items You Can Repurpose For Your Kids

Bridget McClelland Reusing is a very creative use of material and products. This allows you to reinterpret a product in any new meaning. With the current economy how it is and people not being able to splurge out on new collections. This imagery is an good example, of how you can look in your wardrobe and reinvent an old top into something new.


Nanocrystalline Core has very high permeability, high saturation induction, low coercivity, low core loss. Suitable for EMI filter common mode choke, high frequency transformer, current transformer.

Nano Current Transformer Core

Ubiquitous current transformers are the foremost interface devices between the…

New Range of Current Transformers Meet 'Alternative Energy Industry’ Requirements


“Let’s see, this new telephone thing says insert Rod “B” into slot “D” and then.. oops, I think I got it reversed.”


The science I have learned in high school is totally a big difference from grade school and middle school. It taught me more things about are earth that we are living on

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200A:5A Current Transformer

Save over 50% on Current Transformers. Aurora uses these same UL / CSA Approved CT in their generators. 200A:5A Lifetime Warranty


Portable Power Supply

I have bunch of old power adapters (those with transformers) and some laptop power supplys that are around 16-20v but i needed 12v for charging lead acid batteries. Since 12v lead acids charge at around 14.4v i had to lower voltage from 16v (we in case with laptop charger from 19v) down to 14.4v to charge lead acid battery. Easiest way to drop down voltage is to use cheap ebay step down converters. They are really cheap 1-3€ and work really good and max current is 3A which is enough for...


Transformers - Optimus Prime vs Megatron