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Pour l'amour des restaurants clandestins de Buenos Aires


thank you cum again @tiny_but_deadly shot by @rhythm_kid #burgerandfriends

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Looking for the newest in tasty bachelorette party sweets, well these new Flavored Liquid Marshmallow Cum Shot In two great flavors are bound to have the girls in stitches ... and they are really tasty, both Strawberry and Cotton Candy Flavors!!

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Gaspar Noé has never made a film that has left an audience impartial. You're either offended or affected. His most recent work, a 3D film with full and real sex scenes, threesomes with a 16-year-old, drugs, fighting and complete desperation, is called Love. And at its heart, it isn't controversial at all – despite the literal cum shot to the eye. To take a line straight from the film, Gaspar's work isn't just "blood, sperm and tears". It's about the sentiment of sex, and how hopeless and…

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The Newest in Yummy Bachelorette Party Sweet Treats.... these Cotton Candy flavored Liquid Marshmallow -Cum Shots are a fun and tasty treat!! They even have a twist off top that allows you to open and close :-)

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