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Cultural Values Definition

I wish everything were so simple. Everything would be clear. A definite sharp line that marks what's right and what's wrong. I wish people were open about that. People have their own opinions, but have they ever considered that they could be mistaken?

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The River Ganges in Varanasi, India. Não quero entrar no Ganges, mas conhecer o país, sem dúvidas, será uma excelente experiência.

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everything4writers: Cultural Heritage Below the Water Line - OIC Moments The cultural iceberg - worthwhile reading, with examples from Western society versus Native Americans. Either as reference, or for consideration when world building and designing a new culture. Many storytellers do a great job of depicting the surface part of culture, but miss all the subtlety of deep culture.

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Equality is a dangerous word

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The focus of this article was on the company Rite Aid. The article describes the beginning of the company in 1968 and covers the unethical downturn in 1995. This article was extremely informative because the author divulges the entire truth not just the parts that support his case for unethical practices being carried out. Overall, a very interesting read with a different overview. (8597)

What better way to celebrate multicultural literacy then to have a space in your classroom that commits to multiculturalism!! I would love to have this in my classroom to engage my students in the different diversities in the world (and within the classroom). Having a safe space where students are able to learn, explore and investigate is essential for my future classroom!

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Danish greatly value "hygge" in their homes. children are taught "hygge as soon as the enter pre-school <3

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