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Comanche girl's dress - replica of dress made for Quanah Parker's daughter when she was around six years old.

from Washington Post

Why delicious Indian food is surprisingly unpopular in the U.S.

(USA) Indian cuisine has failed to market as quickly as mexican or asian food because of American's not wanting to pay the more expensive price for good Indian food. This shows cultural assimilation because India's cuisine has been diminished to fit into America's culture of less expensive to-go food.

(USA) Some immigrant asian indians feel like they have become more "americanized" and that they have a hard time keeping up with their Indian culture. This is due to cultural assimilation because American society has shaped immigrant cultures into a more unified culture through social standards.

(NORTH CAROLINA) This website provides a list of rich North Carolinian traditions that are respected and carried on today. The website talks a lot about our tradition of art, and someone coming in from another country, especially India where their artistic styles are heavily influenced by their culture, would have to assimilate and adapt to the cultural arts and traditions in North Carolina.

(USA) This law states that only people born on US soil can become the president of the US. This promotes assimilation by stating that only a native born citizen can become the president. It does't allow immigrants that have taken the naturalization route to become a citizen, be president, even though that would allow the US to be exposed to a president that had different values and cultural experiences than most "Americans".

(ECHHS) By not serving Indian food in the school cafeteria, East is forcing Indian students to assimilate by giving up their cuisine. Indian students must eat more "Americanized" foods, which forces them to give up part of their culture (their cooking and traditional cuisine) and in turn adopt aspects of American culture.

(STATE) In North Carolina Public schools, there are requirements a student must complete before graduating high school. If a student comes from India and has not been immersed in language and culture fully yet, they are put to a disadvantage and left to unfairly assimilate into NC school culture.

(NORTH CAROLINA) This site shows that 28% of Indian people living in North Carolina, make up the 75% of Asian residents in North Carolina. This is an example of assimilation as it shows the low amount of Indians in North Carolina.