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Now purchase those groceries for these great recipes and amaze your taste buds with these Cuisinart pressure cooker recipes. Be safe and cook well. #Cuisinart #pressure #cooker #recipes #cooking #kitchen #home #appliances

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3-Minute Pressure Cooker White Rice

Did you know you can cook white rice in 3 minutes in the pressure cooker. I can put the rice, water and salt in the electric pressure cooker, lock the lid in place and leave the room until the timer beeps.

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Pressure Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

I bought a pressure cooker several months ago. I've been slowly learning to really make use of it and recently I decided to make more of an effort to try some new things. I've got a post planned so...

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Gala Super Cooker

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker One Pot Spaghetti

After making spaghetti this way you'll never go back to traditional methods! Start by browning the meat, onion, and garlic. Then add the uncooked pasta along with the remaining ingredients. Set the cook time and dinner will be ready before you know it. |

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One-Hour, 13-Bean & Ham Soup - #RossSveback #ElevatingTheEveryday #ImperfectionIsCharming

Stuffed Chicken in Pressure Cooker

My Husband, Mom and friends, love this chicken I make in my electric pressure cooker! All the flavors mingle and you& left with a treat for your taste buds! To me, the hero in this recipe is the cheesecloth! Read on and see! Susan ?

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