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Cry A River

A view of Nether Seal Clough as it joins Fair Brook below the northern slopes of Kinder Scout in the Derbyshire Peak District. UK


I've always thought this quote describes Rory more than the Doctor. The Doctor likes to mention that good men don't need rules and since the Doctor claims he has rules he is implying that Demons Run refers not to him but to Rory. (Disclaimer: I think the Doctor is a good man but this just seems to make sense especially as this is Rory's first war, not the Doctor's.)

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HAPPY MONDAY #33: Cry a river – Build a bridge – Get over it!

For quotes on emotional challenges and recovering a positive life visit

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David Tennant says an emotional farewell to Doctor Who as Matt Smith steps into the Tardis

Yeah, heart of stone and it brought a River down my cheeks. Funny how real life doesn't do that, but a series like Doctor Who can. Never have worked that out. If I had counted every tear I cried for ten, I would be able to water a Rose or two. Who doesn't cry when ten is sad??

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Farewell to New York's famous yellow taxis - in pictures

Yellow taxicabs: 1961: Audrey Hepburn in taxicab in Breakfast At Tiffany's


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Doctor Who Christmas Special The Husbands of River Song


OMG, I DIED. Seriously, another pinner was right-on when she said, "Now that I know who River is and what she means to others, esp. The Doctor, it makes watching her death in "Forest of the Dead" so much more sad." I BAWL... EVERY... TIME now. Seriously, I bawl like a baby.

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Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen, Scotland my lord I would cry if I was there


She reaches out to straighten his bow tie and it's not there. It's The Doctor but not Her Doctor!!