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I hope that "that one person" doesn't find me on pinterest. OR ELSE

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This is like, so relatable when your talking to the boy of your dreams and you know you will probably never end up with him. But you keep on dreaming about it happening

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Its okay. I understand. She's skinnier. She's funnier. She's prettier. Don't worry. I wouldn't choose me either.

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Oh my golly. This pretty much sums up my dark months of crushing on this boy. I never told him but it got a little easier. I am falling back in though.

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Remember when I talked about my crush? I just wanted to let you know my feeling about crushes. Maybe I'm wrong but I think you can't love someone by accident. I think there is an intrinsic force between you and your crush. I think your crush likes you and so you feel this force that makes you love him. The same on the other sense. If one of you two have your love that fade, the other person will have the same feeling. Of course, you can be attracted to someone but this attraction and love…

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26 Times You Couldn't Help but Surrender to Evan Peters's Hotness

Now that American Horror Story has wrapped its fifth season, we're doing anything to shorten the long wait that lies ahead. We've already spent plenty of time connecting all five seasons, but we still need more. And what better way to occupy your

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*sighs* tbh I like someone. He's really special to me. I didn't decide on this, I just kinda started to enjoy him a lot more than i anticipated. It was going great until the thought of being a couple came up along with all the givens of that. I just want to talk to him. Be with him, whether or not the relationship is unclear, because if we're both happy around each other, that's all that matters. ~Yours Truly, Nicki (aka Queen Levi)

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