Learn all the secrets to making perfect large-cluster granola with this easy recipe! Perfectly huge and crunchy granola clusters with lots of almond flavor. @WholeHeavenly

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Ditch the store-bought... healthy homemade granola is easy! Make this sweet, sticky, and crunchy granola that is exploding with vanilla and almond flavors!

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This recipe was amazing. I do have some modifications though. I only put mine in for 20 mins and that was still a bit too long. Either the temp needs to come down to 350F or cooking time reduced to 15-17 mins. Other than that, I will definitely make it again.

Healthy Frozen Yogurt Bars with Honey and Granola--Super simple to make + a perfect treat for hot summer days! These whipped yogurt bars have a bit of sweet honey and crunchy granola. Serve them for dessert, snacks, or even as breakfast popsicles!

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This is the BEST crunchy granola recipe. With flavors like vanilla and cinnamon combined with the natural sugar of maple syrup, this makes for the perfect addition to breakfast or to enjoy as a snack.

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Enjoy Canada's traditional sweet treat by making a batch of our maple and candied-ginger granola packed with almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, cranberries and apricots.

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Healthy Sugar Free Granola. We were able to get this granola crunchy, even without adding any sugar at all! http://www.superhealthykids.com/healthy-sugar-free-granola-recipe/

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