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Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong. – Leo Buscaglia


You. Stay away. Don't stalk me anymore. You are as ugly inside as you are pretty outside. Problem is, you'll never stay pretty. You'll always be ugly inside.


He still is. Incredibly weak! Had to get remarried and then do it again by using the kids. And his new wife's money. Prick.


Exactly, you got caught stalking all 3 of my kids. I just followed a public social media page to give you a taste of your own medicine. couldn't take it could you. so who's the psycho? that would be you honey. the one sitting in front of my house, leaving notes on peoples cars, the one calling non stop, the one using friend's/your kid's and when I blocked them, fake pages to stalk me and my kids. you are beyond crazy, you psycho! Your fat ass was rejected and you want to take it out ...

from Berry

15 quotes that are inspirational as f*ck

Hmm tell someone who believes lies that YOU have change... sweet/annoying voice doesn't cover up rotten actions!

from The Invisible Scar

The Silent Treatment [Types of Emotional Child Abuse Series, Part 1]

There is nothing I hate more than being ignored! It is so disrespectful!


SO very worth re-pinning over and over again! this is the absolute truth! never forget that it is a choice! selfishness and lack empathy. it is a learned behavior. generation after generation. maternal narcissism destroys families. no contact. greed. love those who love you.

from Trend To Wear

Happy Quotes Dedicated To All The Wonderful Ladies In The World

I hate mean people the know nothing about me but think they do. Look to the other party in the situation that's who is to blame


I just don't understand why we argue with each other so much, always trying to prove each other wrong, I'm sorry I'M SORRY I just feel unwanted sometimes And it hurts And all that painful stuff reoccurs in my head, I wish those thoughts would vanish and we could just start all over again, And put the past behind us, And start out slow again just as friends, You truly are very important to me, I just wish you never would have brought back all the bad Situations we went through,


This may be hard for people to understand so here's a localisation: The crazy thing is, I don't have it in me to do to people what others have done to me.