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This video will show you how to perform post surgery rehabilitation exercises for a dog that has undergone Cruciate Ligament Surgery. This exercise should be...

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is a very common orthopedic problem in dogs. Sooner or later, most dog owners will encounter this issue. A torn cruciate can be a painful and debilitating injury for dogs and humans alike. Learn more about anterior cruciate ligament injuries in dogs.

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What Dog Owners Need to Know about Canine Cruciate Ligament Injuries

What Dog Owners Need to Know about Canine Cruciate Ligament Injuries: Dog After Knee Surgery


What is the cranial cruciate ligament? Trauma to the equivalent ligament in humans is common, and damage most frequently occurs during some form of sporting activity (including football, rugby and golf). The nature of cranial cruciate ligament disease is very different in dogs. Rather than the ligament suddenly breaking due to excessive trauma, it usually degenerates slowly over time, rather like a fraying rope. This important difference is the primary reason why…

Forty percent of all dogs with Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rupture on one side will have the problem on the opposite side. The most effective ways to decrease this percentage are early surgical repair to allow for even weight distribution and weight loss in obese dogs. #dogs#pets#canine#canine surgery#dog surgery#veterinary#veterinarian#veterinary surgeon#dog health#pet health#dog health#TPLO#ACL tear