George Ross (1730-1779) was a signer of the Declaration of Independence as a representative from Pennsylvania. Initially a Tory, he served as Crown Prosecutor for twelve years and was elected to the provincial legislature in 1768. There, his sympathies began to change and he became a strong supporter of the colonial assemblies in their disputes with Parliament. He was elected to the Continental Congress and was a colonel in the Pennsylvania militia.

Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen loses bid to shut down ICAC inquiry. Ms Cunneen surely understands that with such a high profile Public position, as for the PM, Premier, Treasurers, Police Chief, Headmasters, etc., there is no private action quarantined from public scrutiny, as every action reflects upon the legal office held. An attempt to pervert justice is corrupt for the very fact that your position is behind it and that force alone can distort justice - whether you succeeded or…

Dog walker Emma Paulsen had been told many times that she shouldn’t leave dogs in her vehicle — before six dogs died from heat stroke in the back of her truck last year. “Ms. Paulsen was warned numerous times not to do what she did,” Crown prosecutor Jim MacAulay said during Paulsen’s sentencing hearing in provincial court in Surrey on Wednesday. “Her actions demonstrate extreme recklessness.”

High-profile B.C. First Nations leader and former Crown prosecutor Jody Wilson-Raybould has been appointed minister of justice by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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Crown Prosecutor Rex Graves hopes to spend a pleasant Christmas holiday in an East Sussex Bed & Breakfast. This hope is dashed when 3 of the guests are murdered and he has to lead the investigation in the days just before Christmas.

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In this gripping legal drama, Senior Crown Prosecutor Janet King (Marta Dusseldorp) returns to work after a year's maternity leave determined to prove she still has her edge.

Janet King Series 1: The Enemy Within. Janet King, a senior crown prosecutor, returns to work after maternity leave to find her workplace even more demanding than when she left. She quickly becomes involved in a high-profile and controversial case, and makes several enemies in her search for the truth. (Adult Fiction DVD) 12/27/16

Sophia Tilley the woman embroiled in a corruption inquiry involving Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen, SC, has had her driver's licence suspended for speeding and fined for another driving offence.

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