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Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, a commonwealth of the United Kingdom, but French & English are it's official languages, it lies in the English Channel.


Panama papers: UK tax havens 'should face direct rule'

Editorial: Resentment of a financial elite has been simmering for years. Now the biggest-ever leak moves the focus to politicians. Tackling tax avoidance is the only way to restore trust

Venn diagram displaying the relationships between the subsidiary nations of the UK and the meaning of the term "British Isles" and how the "Crown dependencies" fit in.


UK overseas territories could be affected by EU tax crackdown

#UK overseas territories could be affected by #EU #tax crackdown | The Guardian

Green Postbox In Dalkey (P Post And Telegraphs):Wall boxes are a type of post box or letter box found in many countries including France, the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Nations, Crown dependencies and Ireland. They differ from pillar boxes in that, instead of being a free-standing structure, they are generally set into a wall (hence the name) or supported on a free-standing pole, girder or other stable structure.


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Cameron accused of allowing 'one rule for rich, another for everyone else' on tax

David Cameron is facing calls for urgent action against tax havens in UK overseas territories and Crown Dependencies, as Britain was revealed to be at the heart of a shadowy global network of companies used by the