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Medieval England. Alnwick Castle guards a road crossing the River Aln. Yves de Vescy, Baron of Alnwick, erected the first parts of the castle in about 1096. It was built to protect England's northern border against the Scottish invasions and border reivers. The castle was first mentioned in 1136 when it was captured by King David I of Scotland. It was besieged in 1172 and again in 1174 by William the Lion, King of Scotland and William was captured outside the walls during the Battle of…

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Glenfinnan Viaduct / Harry Potter's Bridge

the train to Hogwarts Oh, Hogwarts. Despite your weird name, I would give up my life in this demension for a wizard lifestyle in your world. (With all the family and friends just the same.) ALSO. Malfoy would be my man. MY man. Das rite. my man. YOLO.

Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) in "Breakfast at Tyffany's" (


#LegendsofTomorrow #Season2 #2x07 "Invasion" Promotional Photos