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cool idea using Rustoleums Glow in the Dark paint . . paint it on pots and set them around the deck or pool .. they absorb sunlight during the day and glow at night .. love this!

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Happy holly-days! This year’s bumper crop means plenty of magical home-grown Christmas decorations

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Urge the EPA to ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides from being used on crops and in household products to protect nature’s hardest workers, bees! It’s no longer a mystery. We know what’s killing the bees. They’re being poisoned by neonicotinoid insecticides, manufactured by Bayer Syngenta. Of the 100 crop species that provide 90 percent of the world's food, over 70 are pollinated by bees. No bees, no pollination! No food!. PLZ SIgn Share!

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Paris fast becoming queen bee of the urban apiary world

America needs to be more concerned with its future and less with corporate profits. One day we may find we have more profit than food, water or air to breathe.

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This is sort of what I've been working on for my strawberries & blueberries to keep the birds out. I don't mind sharing, but apparently they do!

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