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Crocodile Tears

Surviving an emotionally abusive and manipulative mother with narcissistic personality disorder and enabling father and siblings.


Children props- own family or otherwise, pets, pity parties, & the like are used to maintain control by The Wolves in Sheeps Clothing to serve Christ's opponent hidden agendas for soul captures, most especially via social media nets. History always repeats by the misdeeds from Christ's opponent dupes: Adolf Hitler used props of truth gloss overs: dubs of video clips & airbrushed photographs, world articles, media hypes, fake profiles, pets, & children in his mind rape schemes during World…


It's a sad indictment of the state of British political awareness that such a brazenly hypocritical woman could be lauded as the most popular politician in Britain, but I guess that's just a reflection of the superficial style-over-substance words-over-actions modern world, where politicians are more likely to be judged on the tailoring of their outfit or on the manner in which they eat a bacon sandwich than on their policies or their integrity.


‘Crocodile tears for Charles Kennedy’ from same politicians who brutally kicked him out

Former Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Lembit Öpik, said the warm tributes to the former party leader Charles Kennedy contradicted their ruthless handling of him when he admitted he was struggling with alcohol abuse in 2006. They should have been there to support him, but instead 25 MPs, including recently toppled leader Nick Clegg, signed a letter saying they would no longer be willing to serve under Mr Kennedy’s leadership.

from the Guardian

Scott Morrison flags super top-up for women returning to work after a baby

Labor says treasurer’s proposal is ‘crocodile tears’ given Coalition cut low-income superannuation contribution that helped low-earning women

from Mail Online

PIERS: Spare me your crocodile tears, Governor Jindal

Spare me your crocodile tears, Governor Jindal, you've got the blood from this massacre all over your NRA-approved hands