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Queen of the scraps!

I talked about this little blanket in the making on my podcast, episode 8 and I think in number 9 too. So you might already know that this was my #SOLInspired blanket, a sort of Spice of Life ...

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This is a gorgeous and popular pattern that has been circulating around for years, written and re-written by many people, in this re-write I have used all American English crochet terminology, using “modules” of stitches to make it easier to understand the construction of the pattern. This is a really fun and easy pattern once you get the hang of it, and it works up quickly to make a really sweet gift for a baby or just about anyone…who doesn’t love a hand made soft snugly blanket? :)

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As promised, I am sharing the pattern for this beautiful crocheted double-sided shell blanket today! In case you missed the story be...

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Stylish Crochet Shell Deisgn Knitting Mermaid Tail Shape Blanket For Kids

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YarnandFloss' Patchwork Blanket

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