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Crime Rate In Usa

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Tribeca , via New York City Feelings Plus d'infos sur ce quartier de New York sur Cityoki ! or in English here!

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Approximately 1,200 indigenous Canadian women have been murdered or gone missing since 1980. Holly Jarrett began the hashtag #AMINext to put more pressure on the Canadian government to investigate the high murder rate of First Nations women after her cousin, Loretta Saunders was found killed. Read more via BBC.

Since When Is Being Homeless A Crime? Well, In Some Places, Since Yesterday.
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I've met so many wonderful homeless people; women fleeing abuse, young adults that were orphans and had no one to teach them how to budget, families whose house burnt down, etc. Being homeless is shameful and now to criminalize it is downright heartless.


in the first graphic, the blue represents the Hillary supporters. In the second graphic, the red represent the areas with the highest crime rates. coincidence? hmmmm BAHAHAHAHA NOT!!

Mass shootings have been around for a long time in America. But public, random violence is on the rise.

Mass shootings have been around for a long time in America. But public, random violence is on the rise.


Rape is one of the most under-reported crimes where a survivor can expect the least amount of interpersonal and societal support (in comparison to other crimes), in addition to it, unlike any other crime, being considered a lie in the first place. This is rape culture in America.


The identity theft statistics are scary. While you could turn stick your head in the sand and cross your fingers that id theft and fraud don’t happen to you or your loved ones, it makes much better sense to empower yourself by being aware. The Protect Your Bubble team has put together the following free infographic illustrating who is most at risk. Please share! If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to check out our ID Theft Protection services.


The Guardian is counting the people killed by US law enforcement agencies this year. Read their stories and contribute to our ongoing, crowdsourced project