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I will be trying this this week. My blade needs sharpened since I use it so much. Peirce a ball of aluminum foil to sharpen your cricut blade


Cricut Maintenance.... Good information when you need to change your blade. I find this more humorous than helpful actually. 25-40 cuts for the life of the mat? LOL Seriously? I've been using the same mat for over a yr.


SAMPLE OF CRICUT EXPLORE CUTTING GUIDE LIST..Cricut released a new and improved Cricut Explore Cutting Guide as of today, 8/10/2014. Yipee ! This is a comprehensive list that includes a large variety of material types, multi cuts needed, pressure settings, what blade to use, and even which of the Cricut Mats is best to use. You can read about the variety of Cricut mats available now to make working on various materials easier in my previous post HERE.