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Creepy In Spanish

45 Crescent and Full Moon Tattoo designs – Up in the Sky:

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Osceola National Forest

Illuminated elder • photo: Paul Marcellini on The Telegraph • tree photograph with spanish moss

The cathedral in the Spanish city of Salamanca was constructed in 1102, and is therefore one of the oldest such constructions in the world. It features magnificent stone carvings on all its walls, but one of them is a bit more special than the others. It bears the depiction of what appears to be a fully dressed astronaut in a space suit, complete with details such as the sole of his shoes. Nobody knows how he got there, or what a 20th century astronaut is doing on the walls of a 12th c…


Lita Cabellut (b1961, born a gipsy girl in the streets of El Raval in Barcelona, Cabellut was adopted at the age of 13)...


Steampunk Fairy of Angel “Gárgola Real” by Flavio Zarck #Steampunk #Fairy #Angel In Spanish "Gárgola Real” means "Real Gargoyle"

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These Are The Most Haunted Abandoned Places On Earth. They Sent Chills Down My Spine.

Canfranc Rail Station, Spain

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