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speech 1 creative and has been explored deeply in to the image by using other images/ objects to create an object

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Amnesty International posters - in pictures

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Minimal graphic design: 20 great posters

“Cat, I'll let you in on a little secret. We don't all love our jobs every day. And doing something you have passion for doesn't make the work part of it any easier...It just makes you less likely to quit." ~ Georgia "The Friday Night Knitting Club”

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GOOD EXAMPLE From what I've gather this piece has a creative feature of displaying the location of the gallery while mimicking the artist medium that you can expect to see when you attend this exhibition gallery. However I should have liked to see more text in that empty space that reinforces this concept without a viewer speculating at what the design is.

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Eric Yahnker tells us about creating that familiar-looking portrait for our latest Printed Pages cover.

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Roland Tiangco - Dirt Poster (2011) The back of the poster is covered with a fine black dust which, when rubbed against the white front, reveals the typography.

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Flawless Poster Design Processes by DKNG Studios (Time Lapse Videos)

Creative Poster Designs by Bevlak

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