The masters of quirky office space are at it again... this time it's their new Amsterdam offices... (from FastCompany: "Google's New Amsterdam Offices Are Extremely Dutch") #Google #Amsterdam #officedesign

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GitHub’s goal is to make it easier to collaborate on software development, and its South of Market headquarters brings this idea to life. Studio Hatch worked with the company to plan a space with flexible work environments that could evolve over time as the team grew. The three-story, 60,000-square-foot office, located in a former dried-fruit warehouse, includes a café on each floor, conference rooms with themes (such as Rat Pack, saloon, and safari), a dojo, a speakeasy, and a roof deck…

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Oh, the possibilities for a wall-sized corkboard! A seasonal mood-board for starters!

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located in novo hamburgo, a city near porto alegre, henrique steyer has conceived and executed the interior design of a digital agency's headquarters.

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