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Creative Communications

Infographic representation of a Creative Brief. Designed by Creative Cadence Limited.


How To Think Visually Using Visual Analogies #infographic

How To Think Visually Using Visual Analogies - @visualistan


Laat je inspireren door de verschillende voorbeelden. Nieuwsgierig naar wat Budeco kan bedenken voor jouw organisatie? Neem dan contact op via


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"Looking back at this project is a personal lesson in my own naivety. I’m a little embarrassed that this was the solution I came up with for the prompt: “create a poster that visualizes the creative process.” At the time, being relatively new to the field of design, I thought that the creative process was neat, orderly, and beautiful. Surely the process by which clearly understood systems and precise communications are created has those qualities inherent in itself, right?"


@Erik Rannala X. Raj SLP is so incredibly creative and always keeps his students engaged (remember the cows with googly eyes I featured last month???). Erik's latest blog post discusses about how he uses the Twitter account 'Faces In Things' to trigger spirited conversation which addressed receptive