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The Adventure Game. The vortex would claim contestants if they stepped in the wrong place. Although officially the 80's children born in the 70s loved this. This was pre Crystal Maze, Pre-Fort Boyard etc.


#TeenWolf #5x17 - It’s a charity game which generates tens of thousands of dollars. I’d have to go to the school board with evidence of a credible threat.


Circa early 2002, interactive flash videos known as “scare pranks” or “scary mazes” began to emerge across the Interweb and e-mail chains. Click here to check out the original maze game and other variations. Upon clicking the link (disguised as an IQ test or puzzle game), the viewer is initially presented with a puzzle game that requires high concentration level, only to be disrupted later by an ear-piercing scream and ghastly photos (typically screenshots of horror films).