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11 "Latinas Be Like" Memes That Are Too Real

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I love using this quote. People either stare at me like I'm crazy, or laugh because they know exactly what I'm talking about.

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Top 10 Beyonce And Jay Z Memes

Crazy bitches be like...(inside joke here between my closest friends/fiance/fam)random paranoid self absorbed stubby girl vents "omg -fake laugh- look what this "crazy girl posted, its sooo about me cause everyone just loveeeees me, no way that I have flaws or imperfections..." bohoocry..grrrr!!!! that stupid person, like totally, shes just so.. you know, like stupid! An ugly-insert insults stuff here- bitch, I'll show her! "" Funny thing here; not many hate me, just mindless sheep. Eh…

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29 Kim Kardashian Memes That Are Too Damn Real

No.. I'm not crazy .... *drinks wine while thinking about how many boyfriends you almost murdered*

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I can be a little CRAZY sometimes (25 photos)

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