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At least someone's having a White Christmas: Emperor penguins frolic on Snow Hill in Antarctica

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I don't agree with the intelligence bit because my dog hasn't got a brain she's so crazy

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24 hours in pictures

Someone pull me into doing something I like, but am not confident enough to do on my own. Like being crazy and dancing in the rain

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And I am, I don't regret it. I learned a lot and made some of the most amazing memories. We sure were something else.. And like you said a few weeks ago we were crazy about each other and will never find a love like that ever again.

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This is why I love cats

He says it like it's a bad thing. I'd say he's just been claimed. Best piece of bacon he ever gave!

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Beginning to see that. Sometimes it feels right and then when I think I'm going to be okay bam the door closes again. Guess I have to start looking for where I do belong.

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Kitty was alarmed to learn that despite brilliant acting he was not nominated for an Oscar..

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I rode for soooo many years. But i stopped after i had to put down my bestfriend. My heart broke when i read this. Im going to go back to the place i really belong and get back in the saddle no matter what it takes. :')

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