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Recycled Crayon Candles

Crayola crayon candles use old crayons to make these I'm going to add scented oil to give them a scent

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DIY Crayon Candles

Turn old crayons into a new colorful candle! Perfect craft for kids to help!

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Fantastic Homemade Candle Recipes

Color Block Crayon Candles. Using old crayons on hand to create this lovely and fun block candles for your home. You can ask your kids to help you. They will have great fun to stir crayons with wax.


DIY candle--5 different crayons, soy wax, a wick, and a wine glass.


Make a candle at home without the use of wax. This candle burns for 40 hours and will make your apartment smell amazing! Who said you needed to pay so much for candles? With this DIY you will realize how inexpensive making candles really is.What You'll Need:Jar (Bonne Maman jam jars work great!)Vegetable ShorteningCrayonsScented Essential Oil100% Cotton StringScissorsNut (hardware)Skewer StickSteps:Clean and dry a clear jar to hold the candle inFill jar with vegetable shortening and leave…


DIY crayon candle00*2 boxes of crayons (I didn’t use the browns, grays, or blacks) *mason jar (I pictured two thinking I had enough crayons for both but didn’t) *Waxed wick (found that at Hobby Lobby) **Preheat oven to 200 degrees.** Make sure and pack the crayons in so you leave as little open space as possible. This really isn’t that important if you don’t plan to melt the crayons

from Live.Craft.Love.

Candle DIY Project: Crayon Wax Dip Dye Technique - Darice

Create stylish candle DIY decor by dressing up plain pillar candles with a craft supply you already have in your home, crayons!


Crayon Candles

DIY Crayon Candles | The Evermine Blog | This would be perfect in pretty flea-market glasses! :D

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DIY Crayon Candle Craft Ideas

Get best out of the leftover crayons to make block or scent layered crayon #candle, or creative soda candle. #crafts via @diyhowto