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Why use Pay per click to your business #infographic #marketing #PPC via


The majority of brands (73%) plan to invest in some form of content marketing this year, according to the Content Marketing Association (CMA). But with the abundance of digital platforms on offer to bring brand stories to consumers in so many forms it’s a shame all marketers aren’t looking to put an emphasis on content in the coming months.


The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to Bid Types for Facebook Advertising - #Infographic

Ultimate Marketer’s Guide to Bid Types for #Facebook Advertising #Infographic - #socialmedia


Исследование: CPM Instagram вырос на 42% по сравнению с первым кварталом Компания Salesforce опубликовала отчет Advertising Index

A new way to buy CPM Pinterest Ads to reach people more efficiently -- In a recent study, consumer packaged goods advertisers saw on average 5x more in-store sales per impression than the industry average. That's why businesses like JCPenney, The Home Depot and General Mills are already taking advantage of our new auction CPM solution.