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Cow Nose Ring

imagine you were prevented from feeding your baby .How it would feel. How would your baby feel? Meet dairy. This is cruelty beyond belief and why we are vegan. There is another way to live in peace with your conscience. It's called almond milk, soy cheese, coconut ice cream.


When it comes to the cruelties inflicted by the dairy industry - the forced pregnancies, forced separations, the veal calves, etc etc, we thought we had seen everything. But they somehow still manage to shock and appall us. For example, we only recently learned about this handy tool to keep those greedy calves away from the people's milk:

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Biggest Animals in the World

Belgian Blue Cattle....when scientist get a hold of an animal, I just can't favor this kind of thing. I love science, but let the animal be normal. Crossbreeding is fine, unless you are messing with gene implantation, artificially, or adding or removing something. In my opinion, that behavior comes from greed at the animals' expense.


If dairy is so "natural," then why does the dairy industry have to use such extremely unnatural practices to extract breast milk from cows?


The Spiked Nose Ring: A Symbol for All Dairy Cruelty By Ashley Capps | May 16, 2013 (((Calves cannot drink their own mother's milk with this in their nose. All because YOU want dairy.))))

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Feather nose ring - jewelry - 14k yellow gold - nose hoop - nose ring - tragus - Nose jewelry - tragus - septum

Feather nose ring - jewelry - 14k yellow gold - nose hoop - nose ring - tragus…


Close up of a Friesian cow nose without a nose ring

delightful beard and hair...and if they were attached to this, i could learn to love a nose and nipple ring


Aw there's a ring on it's nose! How do you get it to not lick it?!