1912 Schmid is the first to manufacturer thin rubber condoms in the US. He supplies the European military forces. The Pentagon, however, refuses condoms and threatens court martial for contracting a sexually transmitted infection during military service.

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Jackie Robinson's court martial, 1944. Boarding a military bus, Robinson sat next to Virginia Jones, the lighter-skinned wife of another black officer. The driver told him "to move to the back of the bus." Robinson, who knew segregation was forbidden on military buses, refused. He was shackled, held, charged... See http://www.commandposts.com/2011/07/the-court-martial-of-jackie-robinson/ for how his deportment at trial prefigured his response to racist attacks as he desegregated baseball.

Star Trek - Kirk's trial begins as he pleads 'not guilty' and Spock is called to give testimony (Court Martial)

Obama Administration to Court Martial & Punish Christian Military who Share Their Faith

TIL: In 2006 a US Soldier pleaded guilty to murdering two officers in Iraq in exchange for life in prison. His plea was rejected so he could be tried at Court Martial under the dealth penalty where he was found not guilty and given an Honorable Discharge.

Check out the American Scribe font at Fontspring. Matlack—whose clear, compact script is perhaps the most familiar handwriting in America—was an interesting man: an American patriot and former Quaker, kicked out of the church for fighting in the Revolution; he also sat as prosecutor at the court martial of Benedict Arnold.

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