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By all means, please do. Just pay the @IRS their fair share. Should be more than well versed at how to do so after submitting last business in court documents claiming back orders. Given it had a website, shouldn't have been terribly tough to have created a new one. The card company still should be reimbursed for defrauding the estate w/ product never paid for used to create inventory.


Luciano Leggio (Italian pronunciation: [luˈtʃaːno ˈlɛddʒo]; January 6, 1925 – November 15, 1993) was an Italian criminal and leading figure of the Sicilian Mafia. He was the head of the Corleonesi, the Mafia faction that originated in the town of Corleone. Some sources incorrectly spell his surname Liggio, a result of a misspelling in court documents in the 1960s.[1] As well as setting the Corleonesi on track to become the dominant Mafia clan in Sicily, he became infamous for avoiding…


New York Daily NewsThe man accused of murdering the Washington yoga instructor and actress who went missing on Christmas told police that he had sex with her before killing herself, court documents state. Adrian Johnson, 29, made the grim statements to police after they ...Man charged with killing local actress said she offered him a…

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Court documents have revealed that Sofia Vergara told her ex-fiance she had started IVF fo...

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Family Sues Apple, Claiming FaceTime Distracted Driver in Crash That Killed 5-Year-Old Daughter

A Texas couple is suing Apple, claiming that its FaceTime app distracted a driver who rammed into the couple's car, killing their 5-year-old daughter. Parents James and Bethany Modisette are suing Apple for damages on the basis that the electronics giant failed to install and implement a "safer, alternative design" for FaceTime that would have helped to prevent a driver from using the app while traveling at highway speed, court documents show. The lawsuit filed Dec. 23 in Califo...

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