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Prince's sister says musician had no known will

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Prince's sister believes the superstar musician didn't have a will and asked a Minnesota court on Tuesday to appoint a trust company to temporarily oversee his multimillion-dollar estate.

Muslin Terrorist Said Murder was a "Just Kill" ... Not His first Kill!! - Mainstream Media Remains Silent: Meet Ali Muhammad Brown, a Seattle native who back in late June murdered 19-year-old Essex County resident Brendan Tevlin. According to Rightly Wired, court documents show that Brown admitted...

An explosive new report claims the U.S. government has secretly targeted Bolivian President Evo Morales with a drug sting code-named "Operation Naked King." The report — just released by The Huffington Post this morning — draws on court documents filed by a longtime DEA confidential informant, Carlos Toro. It appears to confirm Morales’ long-standing suspicion that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, has sought to undermine ...

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By all means, please do. Just pay the @IRS their fair share. Should be more than well versed at how to do so after submitting last business in court documents claiming back orders. Given it had a website, shouldn't have been terribly tough to have created a new one. The card company still should be reimbursed for defrauding the estate w/ product never paid for used to create inventory.


In the early 1770s, slave Rachel Findlay sued her master... Documents show that in 1773 the courts in the area now k... Piecing together tax documents from this courthouse and ...


1547-One of Edward VI's, earliest documents—Letters Patent confirming a decree of the Court of Augmentations— relating to several dissolved monasteries and convents in the Diocese of Worcester.

King Charles 1st the most famous ghost in England was born in 1600 and beheaded in 1649 It is well documented that King Charles haunts the Painswick Court House. He stayed there during the Siege of Gloucester in 1643. His ghost has been seen on numerous occasions on the grounds of the Court House along with some of his men


HENRY VIII (1491-1547), king of England and Ireland. Document signed ('Henry R'), Windsor, 16 September 1512, letters patent to Sir Charles Brandon, ordering him to take the musters in the counties of Carnarvon, Merioneth and Anglesey and to 'cause asmany of thaym as bee hable men for the warre to bee sufficiently furnisshed of thaire harneys and to bee always in arredynesse to doo unto us s[e]rvice under yo[u]r ledyng', any who refuse to be sent before the king and his council 'to be ...