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Survival Instructions for the Zombie Apocalypse

How to Meal plan - EVERYTHING you need to know about how to meal plan in one place

How to meal plan - EVERYTHING you need to know about how to meal plan in one place.... Feeding a Family can be expensive but there are ways to make it cost less. This is great for those of you needing a bit of help with meal planning and batch cooking your family meals to help you save some money when you're budgeting.

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How to Build a Master Grocery List

Grocery shopping is always a drag for me, so I found a way to make it a bit cheerier and a ton more efficient with the Master Grocery List!

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7 Ways to Save Money on Meat

Meat is a staple for a lot of us in our diet. It can be used in so many ways in recipes, which makes it versatile to cook with. But what can you do to save money on meat?

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Week's Shopping List and Meal Plan to Avoid Food Waste

With this meal plan and shopping list you can feed a family for just £40 per week, plus if you follow these tips you will have less food waste too.

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How I Get Our Weekly Food Shop For Free - Thanks To Wombling

Want to find out how I use the method of wombling to get weeks and months worth of food for absolutely nothing?

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How to Create the Perfect Password [Infographic]

How to Create the Perfect Password [Infographic]

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How to get ready for a no spend month challenge

Join me for a No Spend Month! Here are some tips to help you prepare.

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