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As a child I came across the term Fortnight in reading so damn often that I figured it out and now look for occasions to use it :p << yes.

All white kitchen. Beautiful white Aga mixing traditional cooking with a faster dual fuel module. Open shelves for displaying crisp white ceramics. Aged timber tops soften the whole look of the kitchen and keeps it from looking too cold or clinical.

Living the homestead life for a year & a half and I still have to tell my old city girl self this sometimes lol..I'm learning though!

- great saying - seems to be my philosophy these days this was pinned from a retail site, so if you click through you will go to a storefront Use, Wear, Make Sign - Kruenpeeper Creek Country Gifts

from Colin Cowie Weddings

It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes! / Hay bale seating area - super cute! Wonder if it would be expensive...

use hay bales as out door furniture. Cover with lots of sheets blankets and pillows... ara shur jaysis twudn't it be a grand spot to sit down mightn't even cost anything if dad could get us a few bales and shur he could give em to the horses afterwards