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(American Southern roasted ham) Country hams are an old tradition in the American South. Fresh pork legs are salt-cured, sometimes smoked, and then dry aged for several months. Because the meat can be very salty, country hams must be soaked in water for a time to remove excess salt. Baked country ham is the perfect centerpiece for any family celebration. Leftovers are great for breakfast with red-eye gravy or served as a sandwich in buttermilk biscuits. Read more »

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Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy Recipe

Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy. Our State Magazine. Try this step-by-step guide for this hearty Southern breakfast #GottoBeNC


How to Cure a Country of the lost crafts of our time.

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Angel flake biscuits with country ham

Angel Flake Biscuits with Country Ham ❊

Top 5 places to order a Country Ham (if you haven't had a country ham you are missing out, very yummy...want to buy one and make Alton Brown's recipe -


How To: Cook a Broadbent Country Ham for Easter | E.A.T.: How To: Cook a Broadbent Country Ham for Easter


Country Ham and Red-Eye Gravy Danish

A glorious mash-up of pastry and homey Southern comfort, this savory danish with salty country ham gravy was adapted from a recipe by chef Eli Kulp of High Street on Market in Philadelphia.

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Country Ham Paté

Football and tailgating season have arrived, so I offer this little tidbit. Country Ham Paté has the down-home goodness of salty, savory country ham, with a slightly sophisticated twist. It is easily portable and imminently useful. Try it simple spread on crackers or corn chips, or sandwiched between the halves of little [...]

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A Southern Classic! Easy Baked Country Ham {Basted with a Classic Coke)

A Southern Classic! Easy Baked Country Ham {Based with Classic Coke}


Smithfield- How to cook a country ham.